Feb 27, 2014

Need I say more? In our line of work we see a large lack of security every where we turn. I wanted to give you some thoughts about how you control and secure your digital life.

I treat my digital security just as I treat my personal physical security. What I mean is that I always lock my house and my car when I walk away from them. I also have to always lock my computer screen before walking away from from my machines.

Passwords: Why do so many people in every work place in the world think that is okay to tell each other their passwords? Let me give you a wake up call! People get fired all the time, people leave companies all the time and people can be resentful. They might remember something you said, or you might have showed them a email or maybe they just might delete all of your working files before the hit the door? What ever the case you never ever give your password to anyone.

Now let me reflect this back to my physical items. If one of my co-workers ask me for the keys to my house, I wouldn’t hand them over. If someone in my work place I didn’t even know walk up to me and ask me for car keys, I am not handing them over to them. You need to protect your digital life in the same manner.

I know a lot of you reading this are using the same password for you work accounts that you use for your personal accounts. So go ahead and give someone your password to access your email and next thing you know your banking account is zero! You just do not know?

The bottom line is take a minute or two each day to think about protecting your digital life. And always LOCK your computer before you walk away from your computers.


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