I watched this weekend as we had a few more people unsubscribed to this blog and my daily posts. When you begin to see a decline you have to ask yourself, “Shall We Continue?”

I do have to take my hat off to a few of you who added comments to my posts. I always feel that this adds a dimension for readers to have a few of someone else by you adding your input.

I enjoy writing about tech, photography and tech education but I don’t want to do this morning work just for me.

So today will be my wake up call to all of you who are reading this blog or at least the blog posts on a daily bases. Do they add something to your day or are they just feeling up your inbox?

Please add a comment today and let me know who you are, where you are reading from and what you like to read the most about.

Thanks for following this blog and Jacks Tech Corner. It is all of you that make up the JTC Nation!


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