Over ten years ago I was in the medical field and we were already using some forms of technology. There has been forms of tech showing up even earlier then that in the hospitals.

The first form of technology I was using was the defibrillator which allowed us to get a heart that is beating in a bad rhythm back into a smooth running machine.

In the hospitals we were seeing IV pumps. These pumps allow a drip medication to be delivered at the correct drip rate over an allotted time span.

Now there is robots working in the hospitals. You may have seen some of these if you visit your local hospital. They are known as the drug pushers. Little guys that travel around the hospital dispensing medications to the nurses on the floors for the patients.

Recently we have seen robotics being used in the operating room. There is a surgeon in the room but the robot is now doing the cutting and digging into your body. Makes you wonder how many people will not attend medical school when we can just roll in the robot arm and let it get to work?

The next time you are in the hospital open your eyes and look around see what kind of technology is taking over your hospital. One final thought, I wonder what would happen if one of those robots got hacked? Could you see the medicine robot running down the road kicking out FREE meds?


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