I was reading Consumer Reports and came across a article talking about cell phone services. This is one of those monthly bills that no one really likes but it seems everyone has one. And it seems we pay a lot of money for our trusty cell phones.

Most of us myself included have been with the same cell phone provider for years. I think looking back I have been with Verizon for over twenty five years. Even if we have bad service at times it seems we still stick with the same companies.

Reading about price it looks like the best deal is the pre paid plans. All of the services provide some kind of pre paid plans. What is nice about these plans is that you can not go over your set minutes or data. It did say in the article that the very best plan is the family plans. I switched to one of these plans two years ago and I have been paying more ever since.

In the end the truth is; the cell phone companies are getting your money and they don’t care how they get it. In all my life I have never seen such a rip off. Come on $30.00 a month for Internet per phone! I pay $50.00 for Internet in our house and I can have as many devices as I want on my wireless. But as long as we pay, they will continue to screw us over. And why not?

Are you happy with your cell phone service? Have you ever been with another service to compare the one you have to? In the end cell phones are just like any other habit. I have found myself returning home just because I forgot you pick up my cell phone from the kitchen table.

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