Jan 28, 2014

Twitter has been around for years. Have you tweeted today? Twitter allows you to create a global or direct message using only 140 characters at a time.

Twitter was created at a time in technology when we were not even yet using text messages. This was perfect timing because it allowed people to communicate with each other in a direct and simple way.

What is Twitter good for? I use it to follow news such as my local news, CNN and ESPN. You can also follow your favorite movie theater when a movie is released you could get a tweet. You can also search using a #HASHTAG or a topic such as, #NFL, #HOCKEY there is no limit to the word you can try.

So is Twitter just like Face Book? No I always say that Face Book gets a little chatty, or people running on and on with no point. Twitter holds you to those 140 characters. This makes you and others think a little before sending their message.

So if you don’t tweet yet and now I have you thinking that you would like to please FOLLOW me @technoman.


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