Yesterday we talked about security and keeping your digital life safe and personal. Today I was digging around and learning more about 2 step verification. And I found a cool app I wanted to share with everyone.

The app is called, Google Authenticator. This app can be installed for FREE onto your IPhone or Android phone and it allows you to lock it down! I locked my GMail accounts down this morning and it only took me a few minutes.

So how does this add extra security? Easy it adds a layer of security that you are adding to only allow you to access the computer you are sitting at. How does it do this? Easy download the app and then turn to your computer. Visit: Google 2 Step Verification. Log into the site with the account you want to secure. Once you answer a few questions you will see a QR code. Scan this with the app on your phone and it will link the two together.

Once you link the app with your account you will need to authorize each computer you wish to use to access your email. You do this only once every 30 days.

So might this be a pain in the side? Sure security is not easy and it is not suppose to make life easier for you. But it will keep you safe and allow you to sleep better at night. Setup you 2 Step Verification today.

Google Lock


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