I ask this question every time someone drops off their computer at my shop. Normally four out of five tell me they have never backed up any of their files. We have to remember that our digital life can be worth just as much as your bank account. It may even be worth more, we can always make more money but we can not re-capture our photographic memories.

With so many options for backups there is no reason why you should not be backing up your files on a daily bases. Here is a list of some of my favorites.

  1. External Hard Drive:  Almost all of these come with some kind of backup software.
  2. For The Macs: Turn on Time Machine! It has saved me more then once.
  3. Online Backups: There are hundreds of online backups. I use IDrive. Don’t let the name fool you it is for Windows and Macs.
  4. Flash Drives: This is my least recommended, but it is better then nothing. You plug it into your computer and copy your files.

The only bad backup is to have NO BACKUP! Hard drives as good as they have become over the years, they are still man made and they will break. Data loss makes no one happy! Backup daily and you will begin to sleep easier.


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