When you first started taking pictures I am sure that you like the rest of us started hand holding your camera and grabbing your shots. This is normal because no one wants to lug around heavy gear when they are out on a walking photo shoot.

I have found that over the years my family have become my gear people. As we head out on a photo walk or on a vacation each member has something that he or she can carry. I hand my bag to one, my tripod to another and so on.

So do you need a tripod and a mono pod? This really depends on what, where and when you like to shoot. I always like to have my mono pod strapped to my camera bag. It is small enough and weighs a lot less then my tripod. The mono pod is nice for shooting pictures in a gym where space in the bleachers are limited. I also like it when I am using my long zoom lens to steady it for those long shots.

Of course the tripod is also a really nice piece of gear to have. It allows us to grab the full family shot while on vacations. How many times have you got home and thought that you wished you were in more of the pictures. The tripod is also nice for those slow shutter  shots. In the end it is about the gear. One last thought if you do buy either one of these items, make sure you buy a good one. Remember they are holding your camera.


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