What is a domain name? We have all seen these and we probably know about a thousand domain names in our heads. But did you ever think about owning your own piece of the Internet? You should stake your claim to your piece of the new gold rush.

Why would you want a domain name? Easy if you don’t buy your name, I mean your given name someone else will. I found this out when I was creating a Face Book page that someone in this large vast world we live in, has the same name as I do. I bought my domain names back in the 90’s. The funny back story of that is that I paid more then for my name then it costs today to own a domain name.

My personal name site has taken many turns over the years, you can check it out here: http://www.jackokorn.com. I also missed the bigger boat. Remember I owned an Internet service before anyone wanted Internet. We could of and should have bought up every domain name that was out there. I would have been rich and would not have been sitting here now talking to you. Of course I enjoy blogging so maybe I would be doing this off my boat?

Even if you don’t have a company or any business for that matter. You should buy your domain name. Also buy your kids names, they will thank you one day for doing that for them.

It is really easy. Visit: http://www.1and1.com, sign up for an account and search your name. Once you find it and I hope you do, you will buy it. You don’t need to setup a web site now. They will create a parked page for you, this will just show that your name is owned. Good luck and please comment if you do setup a web site. I will be working soon on some videos to teach you how to create a site from A-Z.

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