I know we all have them; no not a point and shoot camera but a cell phone. Today’s cell phones have some great cameras built into them. It makes it hard to even find a reason as to why we would want to carry another camera with us when we already have one in our pocket or purse.

So is the point and shoot dead? I do think they are on a decline in sales but I don’t think they are dead. I for one would rather shoot with a point and shoot then my cell phone. It is nice to have a zoom lens if you need one which really doesn’t happen with the cell phone. Really the truth is I do shoot more with my cell phone and this is because it is alway’s with me. Just go to a concert or any large gatherings and you will see more people shooting pictures with their cell phones then you would ever see them shooting with a point and shoot camera.

I also have to believe that the point and shoot is dying off because of the lower cost DSLR cameras. If you are really concerned about your photography and want to get that best shot you will spend the money to have one of these DSLR cameras. So is the point and shoot camera dead? I don’t think so I think even if you have children and they want to learn about photography, pick them up a point and shoot and get them started today!

Point and Shoot

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