Chrome Cast


Dec 18, 2013

You have a smart phone or a tablet, or maybe you have a computer and thought it would be nice to be able to show your You Tube videos on your large screen in the family room.

Now you can and for as little as $35.00! Meet the Chrome Cast, it is a little device that plugs into on of your TV’s HDMI inputs and then you plug it into a electrical outlet and you are almost ready. The last step is to put it on your network. Basically you set it up on your wireless in your house. Download the app for the smart phone or tablet and you are ready to do some viewing. If you want to show something from the computer, you need to install the Chrome browser and then add the extension. Don’t worry this is easy to do.

I received a Chrome Cast for my birthday. I took it out of the box and had it casting and ready for content in about 15 minutes and this is just because I had to allow it to update.

The Chrome Cast device is still young. It will just keep getting better, and will allow you to cast even more content to the device. From what I have seen so far you can send to the device, Net Flix, Hulu, Pandora, Plex Streaming, You Tube. There are a few others on the screen that I never heard of so I won’t report it here. I have even talked to some non tech people and they connected it and learned how to use it with ease and they said they love it. Some people have more then one and have them in all of their rooms with TV’s.

Chrome Cast

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