Today I turned 5o. As I sat down this morning to write this column I thought it would be fun to reflect on the technology that I have seen in my 50 years of life. I hope you enjoy it and would really like to hear from you about your thoughts.

The earliest that I can remember I have always had an interest in technology or at the early years I would call this more electronics then technology.

I remember at the young age of 8 I asked my parents for a electronic building kit from the local electronics store. You have seen these, the have peg boards that you plug in the resistors and transistors to the push boards. I remember coming up with a little radio that received two AM stations.

I next remember my parents buying me items such as transistor radios; it seemed that I got one of these every year? Not long after I would receive them I would tear them apart to find how how they ticked.

A few years later I was into CB Radios. This was our Internet and our choice for chatting to one another. I remember my friend Jeff and I talking to the wee hours on the mornings, then meeting at the bus stop and talking on the way to school. Kids? I remember the Jeff and I had a great idea one day. We thought we could open his Cobra SSB CB radio up and turn up the output power of the transmitter? This didn’t work out to well for us. The radio went to the shop and we never saw it again.

I lived through the black and white TV then color TV’s. I lived when we didn’t have remotes for our TV sets, we were the remotes. I lived with no music on the go and no phones in our pockets our phones were hanging on the wall in our kitchens. I grew up in the early day’s of FM radio and the age of records and then eight track tapes and later cassette tapes then CD’s. Life has been a journey and I am glad that I have lived in the times that I did.

Now that have been in computers for the past 25 years it just seemed like a normal progression of my life. I have been blessed with owning my own Internet service when the Internet was young. Even before that I owned a bulletin board service which I ran before AOL was even thought of. I have written programs for fire departments. And today I am still working on a daily bases as a systems administrator.

I have also been blessed with becoming a photographer and have been shooting for 20 years. Growing up in film and today shooting digital has been a positive transition over the years.

Now to be blessed to have you the readers, listeners, and viewers of my You Tube videos I have to thank you for keeping up and keeping me and my mind now 50 churning to bring out new content. I love teaching just as much as I love doing.


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