In photography the most important aspect is light. If you don’t have light you will not and can not make a photograph. A lot of people go out and buy studio strobe as I did when they want to begin adding flash to their bag of tricks.

Studio strobes are nice but I don’t like being tied down to a AC plug. I want to be able to take my flashes with me no matter where I go. I want to introduce lighting even when I am shooting outside. For those of you who have never shot with flash outside in the day light you need to learn this little magic. It allows you to shoot no matter where the sun is and no matter what time of day it is.

To use flash you have to understand how to get your flash off the camera. To do this buy a low cost light stand from Amazon, also pick up a speed light flash bracket for the light stand the last item is wireless triggers. I would recommend Yougnuo triggers, they are lower cost and work great.

When you begin using flash with your photography and if you tell anyone you read this blog, please get your flash off of your camera! Never shoot with the speed light on the camera. Even if you buy a flip flash to get your flash above the camera is better then putting your flash directly on the hot shoe.

Flash Kit

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