As the years of my life have pasted by the one thing I have noticed ever since I was a young man. TV sets keep getting large and large. I can remember as far back as when my dad and I went out and bought a 19″ color TV. Before this we had a old black and white floor model. This was when color was first seen in the market and the home for that matter.

When the large 25″ TV was released my dad wanted to go out and get one. My mother however always said “We don’t have a large enough room for that size TV”. I never really knew what that meant until I became somewhat older and had my own living room. Men always was large TV sets, I don’t know why but we do. It is our women in our lives that keep us in check and sane.

Now we are the age of large I mean really large TV sets. We went to my sisters one day and she was sporting a new 50″ TV. I know in today’s market that is really becoming small. I have a friend that bought a 70″! My eye doctor told me once that we always want to go larger because we don’t want to wear our glasses all of the time? Maybe he is on to something.

The even more interesting thing I notice about TV’s are we went from small at one point 9″ to large as we talked about reaching 70″. Now I see a movement where our youth are viewing more shows on their IPhones and other smart phones. Or we see more people viewing their shows on their tablets.

So is bigger better? I have to say after writing this and seeing how time has played out and has brought us full circle. I would say what ever size fits you, because with TV sets one size does not fit all. And you really do need a TV that fits your viewing room. Check Google and see what the best viewing distance is from the set. Then be honest and check how far your easy chair is from your TV stand.

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