Back not to long ago I used to listen to the radio. It seemed we had a radio in every room in the house; my parents even bought a radio with a toilet paper dispenser. ¬†We also used to buy a ton of records; either LP’s or 45’s and had cases full sitting around the home stereo.

Then in the 80’s we started to see a move to the portable entreatment. It seemed everywhere you looked someone was carrying a large boom box on their shoulder. We had music everywhere you went.

Moving up to the later 90’s and early 2000 there was a little disk that showed up and everyone went crazy for them. The CD ROM. Now we could have our large scale LP’s cut down to something we could carry. It seemed that over night the boom box disappeared and the Walk Man became the craze of the day. We all had a walk man and head phones. If you were seen walking through the mall wearing head phones people thought you were just cool.

Then in the mid 2000’s a still very young CEO named Steve Jobs stood on a stage and showed us the IPod. Even though this was not the first MP3 device. It was the first to allow us to carry so much music. But what is did either for or to the music industry, by increasing their digital sells and lowering the number of tunes that were pirated. He made everyone money including Apple.

In today’s world kids don’t want to be tied down to what music they have. Seems these day’s everyone is streaming their music. I know my kids seem to listen to more music on You Tube and Pandora more then any other way.

I often sit around and wonder what will be the next big thing? I know for sure it will include or at least find a way into the very music we listen to.

Music Players

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