Do you remember not to long ago there was a war over either BETA MAX or VHS and we know how that played out. I can’t even remember when I had my first VCR? I do however remember renting movies. We rented movies all of the time. It was the greatest thing in the World to be able to have the big screen movie in your home. And with family’s being able to stay home and save money from the movies.

Then there was a huge shift in the media. VCR’s have been disappearing over the years and the surface of DVD players slowly grew. Now that changing to Blue Ray videos.

In today’s World we can now STREAM videos using the Internet. The main issue there is that if you do not have high speed Internet then you are out of luck.

I am wondering what will be the next media to how will our movies and content be delivered to us in the next few years? If you have the answer to that question you could be set to be a very rich person.


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