This has always been one of those cross roads for me. I have a ereader which is my second that I have owned and I am looking forward to my third. Unlike books them selfs the ereader always gets better and better all of the time. They are in fact just like any technology they get upgraded and then you feel that you want the newest one.

Is the ereader really what you want in your hands? Let’s dig into some reasons you may want one and some of the reasons you may not want one.

The ereader can hold many many books at one time. So when you leave the house you will never be with out something to read. Also you can find free books from Google books or just by doing a Google search. You will also find FREE books at the site where you bought your ereader from. The downside is that you have to remember to charge your ereader. When you travel you have to remember to pack another power plug.

The paper book is the old stand by. I have talked to many people concerning this topic and a lot still prefer the paper book over the ereader. One reason I hear is that you can buy a lot of books for the cost of the ereader alone. Although this is true you would need a large bag and strong arms to carry all the books you maybe taking on a trip. At this time I have maybe 15 books on my ereader. I have a friend that has over 500 books on her ereader.

At the end of the day it is really your choice. I don’t think that you will see the paper books go away anytime soon like what happened to the vinyl records. I still enjoy both and I have as I said my second ereader my first was a nook and it never held up after 7 months of use. But I still buys paper books for my collection. Books are many times like old friends and the make us feel safe and somehow secure when we wrap up in a blanket on a cool evening and sit by the fire to read. As long as you are reading you are making a positive movement to your future.



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