Photo Backups


Nov 22, 2013

I get asked this question at least a hundred times a day. What is the best way to backup my pictures? My response is best way to backup pictures is the way that you select. Let me clarify this a little; as long as you are backing up in some way it is better then not backing up at all.

I am very over protective of my pictures and other data that I am creating on my computers. Being in the field for so many years now I have found that hard drives even as good as they are can break down. I never want to chance all of my kids memories to one internal hard drive.

Never wanting to push anyone to any one backup solution I will give you my work flow and you can be the judge on how you want to backup your memories.

First I store all of my work on the local computers internal hard drive. Next every night I have my pictures and documents copy from my main drive to a 2 TB external drive, I also have a 3 TB external drive that runs Time Machine backups which is a Apple product, if you have a Mac turn this on. Time Machine may run several times a day; as you work on files it keeps taking the changes and coping them to the external drive. The last part of my backup plan is my online solution. Every night my pictures and documents are uploaded to a secure storage site on the Internet. I always say if you come home and your house is no longer standing most likely your backups on your desk on gone also. Look at the online solutions.

I hope you will begin backing up today. Because bad things can always happen to good people and a computer can take a dive anytime.


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