I used to write for a local paper some years ago and I always felt that I wanted to reach even more people with my stories this is why I created this blog in the first place. Some how and sometimes we all get off track. I will call this looking for followers and readers in all the wrong places. What I am really trying to say since I started this blog some years ago I have created many many others. While laying in bed this morning it finally hit me. Why not just keep this simple for all of my friends who are reading this blog and attempt to bring everything I do back here.

I do have two other sites that are also doing well with listeners and I am not sure how to pull those shows into this blog? The other two podcasts that are holding their own is The Photography Guy and Tips From The Server Room.

In reality I only wanted to do one thing and one thing only. BE FAMOUS? No that is not it at all. I want to bring to you the reader useful information that can help you with your Photography and your Computers. I need to get my mind back to what is important to me and that is YOU!

We all read many blogs, that is where I get half of my news from each day. So that is why I want to make YOU my number one priority.

So welcome back friends and I hope that if you don’t see something you have a question about please drop me a line and I am sure I will help you with your issues.

By jokorn

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